Working in Curaçao – Work permit

If you do not have the Dutch nationality you will need a work permit to start working.

To be able to work at the Island all non-Dutch citizens need to have a work permit on their behalf. After the work permit has been granted, a residence permit based on this employment may be applied for.

A work permit is a permit allowing the employer to hire a non-dutch citizen. The work permit is as such issued to the employer and not to the foreigner him/herself. So, when you want to come and work on the Island you will first have to find a job and your future employer will have to be able and willing to apply for a work permit on your  behalf. The residence permit afterwards of course is issued to the employee.

Dos Mundos is very much experienced in these procedures. We are able to advise thoroughly about possibilities and necessities to be met. We can apply for both the work permit and the residence permit, also for descendants who are coming to live with you. In some cases a directors’ permit will be needed too. Of course we can apply for that too.

The aim of the necessity to issue work permits to employers is to protect the local labor market. This means the employer will have to motivate and demonstrate why this foreigner is suited to fulfill this position in lieu of a local resident. Higher education and / or real specific expertise which can’t be found locally are therefore required.

The work- and residence permits –in general- will be issued for one year and must be extended each year. For both permits Governmental expenses have to be made. The retribution costs to be paid to the Ministry of SOAW (Labor department) when applying for a work permit are Naf 1000,-. The ‘leges’ or administrative expenses to be paid to Immigration for the residence permits differ per kind of permit but vary within Naf 525,- and 655,- per person.

Please contact us if you would like to receive additional information on this subject.

  • We will send you a list of necessary documents for your application;
  • We will submit your application to the appropriate authorities;
  • We will collect your permits at the Immigration office;
  • We will register you at the Population Register office;
  • We will apply for and collect your Customs clearing certificate